Labels on a roll

For our step by step file set up guide, please click here.


  • Include 3mm bleed on all sides
  • Supply as a CYMK PDF
  • Outline or embed fonts
  • 300dpi resolution

We require a PDF to be supplied for stickers on a roll. It must contain the following:

  • Artwork layer names "Artwork" with CYMK artwork for print.
  • If you are orderign a custome shape. Please supply a vector cutting guide with a thickness 0.25pt set as a spot colour named "KissCutting" and set at 100% magenta.
  • If  you require white underpin (on transparent/metallic materials) please ensureyou have a spot colour named "White" set at 100% cyan. Please make sure this is set to overprint.

When ordering a custom shape, please use the widest and highest dimensions of your shape to order.

Please refer to our Step by Step File Set up Guide for more information.


  • To achieve a deep black for labels we recommend using the following values: C:63, M:52, Y:51, K:100.
  • For metallic labels, the base substrate is silver. But you can use CMYK values to produce golds and bronzes.
    To print in gold use: C:0 M:20 Y:60 K:6
    To print in bronze use:  C:0 M:70 Y:100 K:0
  • The minimum font size we recommend is 6pt, and the minimum printable line weight is 0.25 pt.
  • There is a registration tolerance level of approximately ± 0.5mm for white underpin so we therefore do not recommend that it is used for small text or fine detail as perfect register cannot be guaranteed.


  • If you have chosen stickers made from a transparent material, remember that the printed colours will not have a solid appearance. We therefore recommend using the white underpin options, which allow you to create an opaque and uniform background to highlight all or part of your artwork.
  • The white printing options allow you to either cover the entire area of your sticker, or to cover only part of the area. You will need to create a separate “white” layer within your document for this – please see the step by step file set up for more information.
  • If you have chosen stickers made from a transparent material and mirrored printing, remember to send us the file in a standard view – it will be mirrored when printed.


We do not advise creating borders or objects too close to the edges, to avoid any inaccuracy due to the cutting tolerances (± 0.1 mm). To avoid poor results, frames should not be positioned less than 2 mm from the cut line.


We recommend that you do not create overly complex cut lines, as this could cause the cut to be inaccurate or uneven. The “KissCutting” line must consist of a single, closed line.


If your labels are to be applied by a machine (auto-application), you can select the output direction of your label at point of order. Please do not rotate your artwork before submitting it to us, we will take care of this before the file is sent to production.


The default height of the sticker roll is 330 mm. Using the advanced options when ordering, it can be divided up:

  • into 2 rolls, each one 165mm tall,
  • into 3 rolls, each one 110mm tall,
  • into 6 rolls , each one 55mm tall.

Please remember that the number of stickers and their distribution on the reel cannot be changed.